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There are a ton of great ways to get into the Rock 95 Birthday Bash and this is where you will find them all! Good luck and see you at the bash!

Be Caller 9

Listen to rock 95 between August 27th- October 22nd, for your cue to call and be caller #9 through when you hear it at 705-721-ROCK (7625) to win Bash Passes!

Having trouble getting through the phone lines?

Our phone lines do get a little busy and can sometimes make it difficult to get through.

Common concerns are: All I ever get is a busy signal OR Is it normal to receive a recorded message saying the customer you have dialed is currently unavailable?

Both of these issues are normal during high call times.

Phone companies go through different cell towers and systems. Varying coverage areas can cause dropped calls , dead spots during conversations, or other connection problems.

The technology isn't perfect and there are times during contests occasions when the overwhelming volume of calls can cause a connection error.

Some telephone providers systems calling through to our phone provider cannot always understand how to interpret busy signals. Some times they will give a busy signal or automated voice message stating that the person you are trying to reach in unavailable, or currently does not have service. We cannot control how your telephone provider interprets phone calls and you may receive mixed messages from your provider depending on how their system is reacting at the time of your call.

It is normal to receive a busy signal or recorded message. Frustrating, but normal. Please hang up and try again and hopefully we can tell you you're caller number 9!

Best of luck and thanks for listening.

Scratch and Win

We're giving you a bonus chance to win your way into our Birthday Bash. Try your luck and scratch our Scratch and Win widget on Rock95.com. Maybe you'll be lucky enough to unlock a ballot and qualify for the chance to win a pair of Birthday Bash Passes! Try as many times as you'd like. But you're only able to fill out one entry. Two winners will be randomly selected amongst all the "unlocked ballots". Winners will be announced on Monday October 18th, 2021.

Social Media Campaigns

Listeners could also win passes to the Rock 95 Birthday Bash through contesting on our various social media channels like Facebook at www.facebook.com/Rock95Barrie. Be sure to like our page and keep checking for your chance to win. Winners of social media contest contests will be drawn from fans of Rock 95 social channels, or those with open profiles. All caption contests winners are determined by a random selected jury of Rock 95 employees.

Live On Location

A various times throughout the next couple of weeks, Rock 95 will be doing live broadcasts throughout Simcoe County. At each one of these live broadcast events you'll be giving an opportunity to win Bash passes simply by stopping by and filling out a ballot to win.

Sessions Cannabis in Orillia (next to Costco)
  • 2:00 pm - 5:00 pm
  • 30 Diana Dr, Orillia, Ontario
The Canadian Brewhouse
  • 2:00 pm - 5:00 pm
  • 125 Park Pl Blvd, Barrie, Ontario

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